Yeni Telka NEW SKELA 1000 m2 UNICO 73 | GERÜST | LEŠENÍ | PONTEGGIO inşaat kalıbı

KDV hariç fiyat
≈ ₺881.500
KDV dahil fiyat
Satıcıyla iletişime geç
Marka Telka
Tip inşaat kalıbı
Üretim yılı 2023
Net ağırlık 10.93 kg
Bulunduğu yer Polonya Oleśnica
İlan tarihi 1 aydan fazla
Machineryline ID FB16547
Durum yeni
Orjinal vernik
Orijinal boya
Garanti: 1 yıl

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We are a Polish production company, we have been dealing with scaffolding for 20 years!
Satisfaction and quality guaranteed by TÜV.

Scaffolding in accordance with the European standard EN 12 811.

Set: 1020 m2

Article Number Quantity

Steel frame SL70 200x73 140 pcs
Steel galvanized platform 3,07 250 pcs
Single railing 3,07 297 pcs
Double front railing 8 pcs
Bracing for the field 3,07x2,00 35 pcs
Handrail post with protection under 26 pcs
Front frame SL70 2 pcs
Frame foot 60 56 pcs
Toe board 3,07 135 pcs
Toe board 0,73 10 pcs
Aluminium platform with a hatch and a ladder 3,07 10 pcs
Anchoring connector 30 50 pcs
Cross joint 50 pcs

Technical data
working height 12 m
working length 83 m
working area of 100 m2
weight 10,900 kg

When entering the European VAT number, pay the net amount (invoice).
Our logistics department will be happy to arrange transport for you!
Modular scaffolding
We are a Polish Factory of formwork
Customized solution tailored to suit your individual needs.
Our strong sense of identification with client projects means that we are constantly striving to provide solutions, even for issues they are not yet aware of.
Safety is the most important for us. We have extensive knowledge and experience in of construction and we are still developing to provide our clients with the highest quality of goods and services.
We work together closely with our customers to develop BEST SOLUTION. This saves our customers both time and money.
- We have most competitive prices.
Why Choose Us
A choice that makes the difference
• Purchased materials can be used many times
• High durability of the equipment
• fast order processing
• the cost of the investment is returned in a short time from the purchase
• a wide range of prices - the ability to purchase various categories of materials (new, used), as well as a wide opportunity to negotiate prices
1. Send an inquiry
2. We will prepare an individual offer for you
3. Negotiate the price
4. Order the goods
5. Pay the proforma invoice
6. Collect the goods or wait for delivery
7. Receive a VAT invoice
8. Wait for after-sales contact verifying your satisfaction

We deliver throughout Europe and World !
Send us an email and enter your zip code. Receive a offer with transport costs!
* If your is company in the EU area goods and have the tax identification number
the level of VAT. 0%
С регулировкой высоты от 2.20 м до 4.00 м с точностью 1 мм.

Расстояние, составляющее 10 см, после складывания опоры предотвращает раздавливание пальцев.

Технические характеристики:
диаметр внешней трубки - 56 мм
диаметр внутренней трубки - 48,3 мм
толщина стенки внешней трубки - 1,8 мм
толщина стенки внутренней трубы - 2,0 мм
длина - 2,20-4,00 м
вес - 10,93 кг
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