Bobcat S160 mini yükleyici

Bobcat S160 mini yükleyici
Bobcat S160 mini yükleyici
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Bobcat S160 mini yükleyici görüntü 3
Bobcat S160 mini yükleyici görüntü 4
Bobcat S160 mini yükleyici görüntü 5
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≈ €14.800
≈ ₺514.800
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Marka:  Bobcat
Model:  S160
Tip:  mini yükleyici
Üretim tarihi:  2013
İlk tescil:  2013
Çalışma süresi:  4500 m/s
Bulunduğu yer:  Çin Shanghai
İlan tarihi:  dün
Machineryline ID:  KX32713
Marka:  Bobcat
Tip:  sıralı
Yakıt:  dizel
Avro:  Euro 3
Ek parçalar
Merkezi yağlama: 
Durum:  2.el
Orjinal vernik: 
Orijinal boya: 
Garanti::  1 yıl
Daha fazla bilgi
Renk:  kırmızı

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Company profile:
Our company Shanghai Aite Machine Trading co.,ltd mainly sells high quality used excavators, used mini bus, used bulldozer, used road roller, used forklift, used motor grader, used dump truck and so on. Our products are of excellent performance, and have low price. Besides, our company is located in Shanghai China, if you are willing to come here and look through, you are welcomed. We can show you around our yard and Shanghai city:D

Wanna more information about our product? Contact me without hesitate;-) My contact:
Whatsapp/ Wechat:kişileri göster

Some questions you may be interested in:
Q. Why Choose us?
A: We have professional expertise in optimized equipment matching and rebuilding work for the used machines; We will patiently explain about all of your doubts and concerns about the machines;

Q: How to guarantee the condition and lifetime of the machine?
A: We choose good condition and less hour used machines. We are available for third part certificate of all of the machines. And they are all available for your inspection in its place.

Q: Are we a manufacturer?
A: Yes, we have factory with professional technicians in yard and also our own trading company.

Q: What’s the MOQ and payment terms?
A: MOQ is 1 set. Payment via T/T,L/C, Western Union accepted, other terms can be negotiated.

Q: How about delivery time?
A: About 2 work days after the payment, depend on your quantity.

Q: How about the package?
A: Bulk ship/Rolling vessel/Flat rack/40 HQ

Q: Which country can we export?
A: Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, America, Thailand, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Mexico,South Africa, etc.
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